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More Yoga Poses

2. Warrior II

The warrior II pose is great for lymph –a fluid which increases immunity. It focuses on the hip and knee which are two of the largest joints.

Lymph accumulates in the joints and cannot move freely if a person is not moving around. When the lymph is flowing freely it is an indication of a healthier body.

Moreover, the knee and hip joints are closely related to the stomach, gall bladder and spleen meridians, which all aids in circulating of fluids and breakdown of fats.

Using arms to cartwheel in and out of this asana helps to stimulate the flow of blood from the shoulders and chest to the fingertips. This, in turn, invigorates the meridians of the lung and heart to assist in maintaining fluid circulation and improve the immune system, reduce anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

3. Bridge/Wheel

The backbends aids in all types of digestive problems such as hiccups, heartburn, diarrhea and constipation due to the stretching out the stomach, spleen, and kidney meridians.

The extreme backbends help in getting rid of the pre and post menstrual tension. Before doing the intense backbends one should ensure the instructor is around to offer any kind of assistance. They should also warm up thoroughly before the yoga practice.

4. Good Old Child’s Pose

This is a fantastic asana for expanding the upper back and lung meridians while running out the sinuses. Stretching the meridians of the small intestine and large intestine alongside the arms is good for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and tendons.

Elongating the meridians found at the back of the neck when doing this pose helps to alleviate tension caused by stress or flu and cold viruses.

For anyone who loves yoga trying out acupuncture after a yoga session feels fantastic and makes a significant difference on their body.

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