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Yoga Pose That Blend Perfectly With Acupuncture

Many people wonder if a blend of yoga and acupuncture could be beneficial, the fact is some yoga poses offer great assistance to your acupuncture treatments.

Simply put, acupuncture point dabs into the muscular tissues and nervous system to stir up natural responses in the body. Needles can be employed to guide the responses into a healing process.

The points typically lay on meridians, which run across the body along with the tendons and muscles and are linked to organs they get their names from.

When performing yoga poses an individual is able to stretch the meridians out. For one to reap several health benefits of the meridian stretch, they should focus on certain yoga poses such as:

1. Downward Dog

This yoga pose feels wonderful since one can stretch a lot of body aspects at one go. Many of the acupuncture meridians focus on this pose. This consists of the shoulders and arms meridians which ensure a healthy heart and lung by protecting against anxiety, allergies, flu and cold viruses and insomnia.

Besides the downward dog pose can expand the meridians found in the legs to promote healthy digestion which consecutively enhances detoxification levels. A yoga instructor can help one to expand the digestive meridians on the abdomen for more benefits.

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